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The late Ali M. Dongula is considered to be one of the pioneers in the filed of construction and contracting back to the year 1957 after the declaration of the independence of the sudan in 1st Jannuary 1956. He started his carreer in new halfa and damazin with Tarif and Amprjelo companies linked with the construction of Rosseries DAM and the massive reseltment of old hafa peple after the drowing of their town because of the construction of Aswan high DAM of Eygpt.
Being Involred in this field of activity, he established along with ,carpntary and blacksmith workshops fully equipped with the required machineries as integrated contracting business.
In the year 1971 this business is officially Registered under the name of Ali Dongula enterprises with elaboration and diversification in related corporate activities associated to the contracting and related trading business in the form of self sufficient basic logistics leading to suncesse in both , Trading and Construction and Contracting.
By so doing he laid the strong foundation for an enterprise for his songs to proceed on wards in the future without neglecting the social contribution role to achieve social welfare whenver is possible.
Taking off from this strong foundation and as from the year 2002 came to the Light Malik Dongula for investment company Ltd as a holding company from which emerged the business name Malik Dongula for Construction and Contracting registred officially in the year 2002 under the No C18068 as an evotulionary extension to the strong foundation set by the late Ali Dongula in the field of contracting introducing new Techniques in Building Construction to achieve to the best of our abelities , the following goals recruting the best cadres in managing constrction & contracting industry coping with progressivly developing laws , by laws governing the Construction & Contracting industry locally , regionally and internalionally.
Our Vision
The company vision in the field of engineering construction and contracting is to apply The up to date development of codes of practices in the field of construction & contracting with in the international rules and regulations to reach the standards achieved in the developed countries with special emphasis on safety measures & rules to attain the highest levels & security by establishing exchange of technological how with foreign counter parts on mutual & compatible bases through comprehensive joint ventures to develop the sudan in different fields developments that lead to the realization of the national goals leading to the warfare of the people the Sudan
Our Mission
improve on the means and ways to apply the latest developments in the field of activities & building construction by using the best equipments & tools through the very selected knowledgeable cadres in different fields of engineering exhaustive activation as firm contribution in the developments of the Sudan to catch – up with the developed countries in all aspects of life
Commitment to the adoption of the best practices in the construction market.
Commitment to understanding customers and satisfying their requirements through excellence in leadership, innovation, technology and management techniques.
Commitment to the safety of employees and to safeguard their well-being.
Commitment to maintaining a professional training scheme in order to enable the company to fulfill its obligations and efficiently deliver projects on time, at the highest level and within budgets.
Our Values
Customer Focus: To act with customers first and foremost in their minds. To be responsive to their needs; meeting or exceeding their expectations.
Innovation: To encourage creative and innovative ideas in the workplace.
Respect: To respect and value individuals in an atmosphere of integrity, trust and care.
Teamwork: To encourage teamwork and foster a friendly environment where resources are efficiently and optimally utilised, creating 'job satisfaction' within the environment.
Training: To provide opportunities for personal and professional development to enhance performance, efficiently so as to face future responsibilities and promote a sense of belonging.
Furniture Exhibition
Malik Dongula for construction & contracting owns the following associated facilities for projects executions:
1. Seven operation carpentry machinery’s complex.
2. Complete saw chain
3. Disc saw
4. Sanding M/Cs
5. Wood press
6. Different range of welding machines
7. Fixed & mobile angle grinders
8. OXY-acetylene cylinders
These workshops are well Equipped to cover the following activities in the field of Steel & Metal Works, Carpentry & Welding:
Wooden partitioning' D�cor and carpentry works.
All types of doors' wooden' Roller Shutters Doors steel pipe Doors.
Steel & Wooden furniture and different forms and shapes of steel Grills all sizes
Building Construction Equipments
8 Tones, 13 Story Tower Crane
1 Tones Crane
Concrete mixers
½ m³ Concrete mixers 6 Nos
¼ m³ traditional mixer 8 Nos
8 Concrete Vibrators
2 Roller Compactors
4 Plate Compactors
1200 m² Roof Shutters Complete
800 m² Vertical Scaffolding
800 m² horizontal Scaffolding Complete with joints
Scaffolding clips & studs
Complete well-Equipped Carpentry Work shop
Steel & Metal Works workshop Complete with painting annex
Complete well-Equipped Carpentry Work shop
Tiles Factory Complete
Complete survey Equipment
7 Pickup Cars
3 Tones Lorry
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